Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5. No One Likes the Grammar Police

This life lesson is necessary after yesterday's post, and another one I've learned the hard way. Spelling and grammar have always come naturally to me - probably because I read a lot and have a good memory. But sometimes I let it go to my head. In high school, I was notorious for correcting people when they misused good and well. And while I became the one people brought their papers to for proofreading, I was also the one people were afraid to talk to for fear of using inappropriate grammar and being scolded.

Eventually, I realized I didn't want that reputation. No one likes someone who is condescending. And no one likes to be corrected. I still do it with people I'm close to, but I try to keep my mouth shut in the public sphere. Unless you're looking for advice . . . then I'm happy to help! I get a lot of texts that say "Does this word have an apostrophe in it?" 

It actually kind of is . . .
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