Tuesday, October 25, 2016

25. Invest in Roadside Assistance

This morning I was driving to Meijer when I felt like my van suddenly started to decelerate. I was just about to get in the turning lane to turn into the store when it happened, so I needed to slow down anyway. I'm overly paranoid about my car breaking down, so I figured I was imagining things, until I actually attempted to turn. My power steering was definitely out. Fortunately I was turning right and slightly downhill. I managed to coast into the parking lot of the Meijer gas station before my van totally died. I turned it off and attempted to re-start it. Nothing. Dead as a door nail. I just sat there laughing for a minute because I have the worst luck with cars.

And that is why I always opt in to the "roadside assistance" plan when choosing car insurance. With Progressive, it's $9 for the first vehicle and $5 for the second (per a 6 month plan). 100% worth it when we drive clunker cars that frequently break down.

This isn't the first time my car has broken down while I was driving it.

I was working at my nanny job, shuttling their kids home from school when my van out of the blue died. It was old and had a lot of miles, but it never gave me any warning signs. It just died while I was going 55 mph down the road. I got it to the side of the road, called roadside assistance to haul away my van and called my sister to pick up the kids and me.

It was Christmas day when my other van died. We were driving home from my parents' house when the transmission went out a few miles from our house. That time we did manage to get home before it completely died. But I used my roadside assistance to have it towed away the next day.

The head gasket blew in my Cavalier. I drove it 25 mph with the heat blowing all the way home and once again had roadside assistance get me a tow truck to haul it away.

Justin was driving his car to work one day when the transmission randomly blew.

Some kind of belt broke on another one of my vans as I was driving 60 mph down the road.

I had a flat tire once. Roadside assistance to the rescue.

Justin locked his keys in his car once (or twice). Roadside assistance again.

I'm telling you. It is so worth it.

I'm also telling you . . . if it turns out that something is seriously wrong with my van (that we just bought in May!), I am so done with used cars. I'm going to buy something brand new with a warranty and just be in debt for the rest of my life. This is so ridiculous!!!

Special thanks to my amazing friend, Missy, for rescuing us from Meijer and driving us to Sparta. And thanks to my sister for loaning us their extra vehicle . . . a huge orange truck that I'm quite terrified to drive. Haha. So thankful for friends, family, and roadside assistance!

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