Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Saturday 7

Thanks for all the love on my 31 Life Lessons posts. They've been fun to write, and I have some more good ones coming up! So stay tuned!

1. Lucy had a short week of school this week. I think I was more excited than she was about her two days off. No waking up at 6:45 am? Yes! No making lunches? Yes! No waking Levi up from his nap to pick Lucy up? Yes! We were busy all day on Thursday, but the girls had a blast playing together most of the day yesterday.

2. On Thursday, Lucy had her 6 year well-child appointment (just a few months late - haha). The doctor was shocked by how tall she is. (48" - 79%) Her weight was in the 76th percentile (At what age is it inappropriate to share your daughter's weight? Haha.) She grew 3 inches in a year. I could've told you that based on the way she pretty much skipped size 6 jeans! She had to get one shot and was really nervous. But the nurse was awesome and talked to her the whole time so Lucy didn't even realize what was going on.

3. To celebrate a good doctor's appointment and lack of screaming during vaccinations, we checked out the new donut shop (Sprinkles) in town.

I wasn't blown away by the donut shop. It was definitely cute and decorated nicely, but the donut selection was nothing special. And nothing was labeled! I'm not going to stand at the counter and say, "What's that? What's that? What about that one?" I just had a long john because it was recognizable. It was delicious - and only $1!

4. Levi tried some new foods this week. I made sweet potato fries and nervously gave him one. He hates puffs and I haven't tried many other solid foods, so I was worried about how he'd do with chewing and swallowing. But he did so much better than I expected! He chowed it right down and never even gagged.

He liked it and got mad when I tried to take it away, but he kept making such awful faces and shuddering. Haha.

5. I am SO ready for the election to be over. This new information about Trump has made my facebook newsfeed go crazy. But I can't resist sharing this. I drive past this every day and it never ceases to make me chuckle:
When you don't want to spring for the official campaign sign, but you want your neighbors to know where you stand. (You might be a redneck if . . .)

6. Today kicked off birthday week for yours truly. When Justin asked me what I wanted to do, I said, "Eat good food and go to a used bookstore." So we went to Red Robin and Baker Book House. They have a huuuuge selection of used books. I browsed for a really long time. Justin actually left and went to Gander Mountain for a while. Everything is arranged by author's name, and when Justin came back, I was still only at G. Haha. I only got a couple books, but it was so fun just to look at everything. Then, of course, we went to the Pump House and ran some errands (started buying Christmas presents!). It was a glorious start to what promises to be a glorious week. ;-)

7. Picture Time!
Like father, like son - Sunday afternoon football

Enjoying the park before the cold weather set in.
My awesome $5 toy basket from Hollar 
First french fry at Red Robin tonight (He was a big fan)

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